My Android Game

   I have always wanted to make a game.

Mobil vs Council
   Smart devices are growing by the millions and it's the easiest way to gain access to major consumers.

IOS vs Android
   Apple has better protection against piracy but Android is cheaper for independent developers. So I went with Android.

Game Idea
    I maintained a simplistic game play so it would lower the possibility of program bugs. However, there are many glitches that have yet been fixed. Below is the original idea and the end result.

Original Ball Concept 
End Result Virus Game

Things I Learned
    - Double the expected production time.
    - Physics engines require a lot of trouble shooting
    - Expect to give away the first game.
    - Test the game on many different smart devices.
    - Simplify graphics.
    - Code animations, this saves memory space.
    - Avoid using PNG files, instead use GIF files.
    - Make animations a MPEG4 video, this loads faster than a PNG/GIFF sequence.
    - File formats help with the load time, it doesn't help with memory space on screen.